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My Story

My name is Stacey, mummy to two little boys and wife to a hard working man! We live in the countryside outside Londonderry and I work from home where I have a very messy studio and a little showroom!

I created 'All that's Poppy Lane' a crazy ten years ago when I turned into a 'silage widow' one summer (I am sure all you farmers' wives or partners can relate to this). I started out creating personalised frames and gifts alongside my full-time job. After maternity leave with my first son and the high costs of childcare, I decided to take the plunge and left my full-time job to be at home with Alfie and focus on building the 'All that's Poppy Lane' Brand. The rest is history.... another kid and lots of changes in my business and here we are 10 years later being one of the most sought-after Wedding and Event stylists in the North West. 

I absolutely adore my job, I love helping clients bring their visions to life whether it be on their wedding day, at their child's birthday party or in their business. 

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All that's Poppy Lane has nearly a decade of experience in wedding and event styling, working with hundreds of clients and venues yearly. I love that I get to be part of my client's life events year after year, styling their Weddings, Baby Showers, Christenings and Children's Birthdays.

I love watching my client's families grow over the years. 

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